🌠 Keeping the Warrior Mindset?

For all those who feel like the past few 2020-2021 has truly had an icky impact on your mental health, realize you’re not alone.

Yep, the little voice in your mind might tell you that, but honestly, that could simply be your fears talking.

When you feel flayed on both the inside and outside (or when you’re dealing with PTSD or menopause or whatever the male equivalent of that is or your families/friends are severing contact because of you choose not to follow their beliefs or ….)

The deities have earlobes, it can be quite character-building indeed.

The best part of going thru it is once you hit rock bottom in all of your emotional smooshies… the only way to go is up.

Always there is gold hidden in all the challenges that life hits you with… like a brick dropping from a skyscraper on your big toe.

And after you walk thru that fire, you’ll emerge ‘way stronger on the other side.

But yep, it sure can be painfully hard indeed. And this is NOT the “my pain is worse than yours” Olympics contest – everyone’s pain is different and results from different circumstances so do NOT compare yourself to others and find yourself wanting…

Instead, compare yourself with the person you were yesterday.

Or last week.

Or last month.

Or that last straw that broke the camel’s back (we all have those – it leads to rock bottom (yay!) but then affords you an opportunity to pull yourself back out.

One thing I learned (with the force of a great typhoon) is that after life kicks you in the teeth, you can say to yourself, alrighty I’m agonna pull myself out of it, go me!, and then the unimaginable happens and you get re-kicked again and again where you had zero self-defenses up.

Eh, life happens.

It’s nothing new or noteworthy, except it happens to *you*…. and you’re the one who still has other responsibilities you need to honor.


It can be really hard but eventually, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel does NOT have to be a train coming right at you. ��

Your takeaway?

Be gentle with yourself, and talk to Fluffy, who is described over at


Remember, you are the only one who can truly turn your life around….

Turn it well.


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