🌠 Nifty neato ideas for promoting your product… for free?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could promote all of my product goodness without paying one thin dime!”

If so you’re definitely not alone – the less money one spends can be seen as a Very Good Thing indeed!

That’s why you’ll love the following (and be sure to return back once you’re done so you can benefit from the goodies I uncovered for you):


There, you’ll discover goodies like:

“…Build in Public
You can increase brand recognition by simply sharing the behind-the-scenes of building a business.

Here’s how it works:

You set a goal publicly.

You invite others to follow along.

You share your failures and your successes.

Over time, people become invested in your success, start rooting for you and support you by spreading the word and buying your products.

And what if you fail to achieve your goal? No one cares as long as you did your best. And you still have your audience….”


“…Create a Landing Page for Your Product and Start Collecting Email Addresses Before You Launch the Product

Email marketing is the most effective form of online marketing there is.

That’s why it’s ideal to have an email list before you launch your product.

So create a landing page in which you “sell” your upcoming product but instead of asking the potential customer to pre-order, ask them to give you an email address.

That way, you will build an email list of people who are interested in your product before you launch it.

This will help you get your first sale and make it easier to create a buzz around your product on social media….”

and more!

Mastering the art of free promotion is a topic that could make for a grand challenge, cheatsheet, tutorial and more. You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Discover creative ways of promoting for free online

Need help with that? Consider:




Next, move to:

Step 2.) Uncover creative ways of promoting for free offline

Need resources for that? Consider:




Finally, move to:

Step 3.) Create a giveaway goodie that brings people back to your website and make it so!

Need resources for that? Consider:




Good stuff!

Your takeaway?

You don’t have to spend big huge amounts of money to increase your bottom line profits…

Why not take advantage of that today?


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