🌠 The LAST day of 2020 is here: what will YOU do?

It’s the LAST day of 2020!

And what will YOU do today that will make a difference for your 2021 health, happiness and bottom line?

There’s bunches of thingees you can do…

Here’s what I’m doing!

1.) I’m considering making my last big purchase today so I can claim it on my 2020 business expenses.

Do you need such a thing that will also give you a huge start in 2021 (including the new W+ Vault, the $1,500 commissions, the 1500+ trainings and more)? If so, check out dabcoaching.com/ibu-ultimate-access/ !

2.) I’m forgiving myself for things I didn’t achieve.

Sure, goals are grand. But beating yourself up because of not reaching them is counter-productive. Instead, I’m figuring out where I went wrong (that’s easy in my case – nonoptimal health, kinda difficult to fix but hey. It’s there) and how I can cope with it (restructuring work and the like) etc.

3.) I’m giving myself permission to take back my power.

So many times people let other folks’ opinions of them *matter too darned much.* To heck with folks who are not living my life as I want to live my life – they aren’t the ones who have to live the with results. I am. And they will be MY results that I want.

Nobody else’s.

4.) I’m internalizing that the youth of today is NOT the youth of *my* day.

In other words – kids these days have the same right that I did when I was their age – that of making their own choice and experiencing the consequences.

I am reminded of my eldest’ comment to me back 3 years ago at the last year of Uconn – I was told “Mom, you know something? You were right about everything all these past years. I didn’t listen because I needed to try things myself and learn from the results.”

Go figure.

5.) I am internalizing that it’s not just my spouse…

it’s me as well. We’re both growing older and we’re both having challenges in the memory department. Plus, we both handle things starkly differently (he is a Vulcan and 140% logical, I am an empath and …. am a weeeee bit more emotional). For some reason that’s become a bit more of an issue (after 25+ years of marriage) but recognizing it and dealing with it … well, that’s good.

6.) Business-wise, I have the very best partner on the entire planet, so I am thanking my lucky stars for that. Plus, restructuring my product templates so product creation is just as easy in the future BUT… is more applicable to 2021.

In closing…

My own personal 2021 success is 140% dependent upon *me*.

Nobody else.

As is yours.

How will YOU zoom forward… starting today?

’tis something grand to figure out.


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