🌠 What to do when you hose up

Ever wake up one morning, secure in the fact you did your daily activities, only to realize that you failed to hit Submit before going to bed?


‘Tis heck indeed.

However, there are some things you can definitely do to ensure you meet your deliverables.

Things like:

* Check you actually PUBLISH before dealing with another issue. If another issue happens, have a close out evening when you do one last check.

* Check you actually MAIL before dealing with another issue. If said (wait for it) issue happens, close out the evening *again* to do your final check.

* If you do your final check and still miss it – first thing the next day, if needed, *do* it.

* If you realize you simply cannot resend an email, and IF that morning newsletter is what was missed, you can still send it and then send the next days with an apology (I like mailing, go figure).

See, the things that might be getting you down might be something *besides* work…

… but work is something that always HAS to be done.

No matter what.

There are resources to help you maintain your time manglement, you know…

And they could even be the basis of a great cheatsheet, tutorial and more!

You could structure it out like so:

Step 1.) Devise a work schedule that works for *you*.

Need resources for that? Check out:



Step 2.) Ensure you keep your sanity by allowing no rent-free space in your mind

Need resources for that? Check out:



Step 3.) Learn how to say NO for things you don’t own.

Need resources for that? Check out:



Your takeaway?

No matter what, *you* own your responsibilities.

And sure, people will probably forgive you for messing up.


Do you best to maintain your professional deliverables.


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