🌠2021 Membership Profits?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, I’ve heard that membership recurring profits are something that can come in day after day… how could I create one for free?”

If so, you’re definitely NOT alone – profitable recurring memberships allow you to create not only a place to share your content under lock and key, but ALSO a way to ensure income arrives every month from the same subscribers !(keeping said subscribers, well, that’s of course the thing).

That’s why (and be sure to return here when you’re done looking thru it to profit from the other goodies we have):


You’ll find goodies like:

“What Is A Membership Business?

In 2020, membership businesses are popping up everywhere. You can get your groceries with a Costco membership, get your sweat on with a Peloton subscription, and have just about anything shipped right to your door with Amazon Prime.

We’ve seen such an explosion of membership and subscription offerings over the past five years that it can be easy to lose sight of the true definition of a membership.

So, what is a membership business, exactly?

On the surface, a membership business is simply a company or organization that creates a product or service for which people pay to access on a recurring basis. This could be a monthly, quarterly, or annual billing cycle…”


“…The Pros & Cons Of The Membership Model

Because the member-based business model is so unique, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to start one, as well as the challenges you’ll most-likely face:


Recurring revenue with high profit margins (even if you have only 100 members who pay $50/month, that can create $5,000/month in revenue, or $60,000 annually)

Continual engaged traffic to your site

Customer loyalty and the ability to quickly create an engaged email list
A platform to get referrals that create additional members/revenue


Ensuring that you give your customers their money’s worth on a regular basis

Retaining memberships over long periods of time

Maintaining a good reputation with members (and their referrals)….”

and more… good stuff!

Fact is, creating excellent membership sites is something that could make for a great blueprint as well. You could structure it like so (and I even found the resources for you):

Step 1.) Have a way to receive payments

Need help with that? Check out:




Step 2.) Decide on how you want to structure your memberships (it can require tools)

Need assistance with that? Check out:




And finally, move to:

Step 3.) Figure out what kind of content you want to provide and make it so!





Your takeaway?

Membership sites enable you to earn passive income each and every month…

Why not take advantage of that today?


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