🌠Glorious blog writing made super visible online?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could get hordes of traffic for free to all of my blog posts!”

If so you’re definitely not alone – over 4.4 million blog posts are published every day… how on earth can you ensure your sites are visible in the very best, organic way possible?

That’s why you’ll love the following (and be sure to return back once you’re done so you can benefit from the goodies I uncovered for you):


There, you’ll discover goodies like:

“…What to blog about?

First things first. Understand the science behind the user’s search intent. If you know what your target audience is looking for and what their intent is when they write something in the search bar, half of your job is done.

Getting inspired by others

Check out top Google Trends, search topics on Pinterest and Instagram to get a sense of what everyone is seeking to learn more about.

You can write about the latest technology trends and news, digital marketing, things related to a pandemic or whatever your expertise are.

Our previous guest posting project shows that websites accept more articles that are linked with technology.

A pro tip is to breakdown complicated facts or concepts into a simple structure. That’s easier for you to write and for the reader to understand….”


“…Write irresistible titles

What kind of write-up would you be interested in reading: Social media marketing tips Or How to use social media marketing to increase website traffic?

I am pretty sure you would choose the second option because I understand the user’s search intent. This is the reason why picking the trending topics in your field is important. Hook your readers with capturing titles. Titles with 6-13 words are likely to attract consistent traffic.

Write any digital marketing topic on Google’s search bar, and you’ll see multiple catchy headlines pushing you to click them….”

and more!

Mastering SEO in your blogging, even for beginners, is a topic that could make for a grand challenge, cheatsheet, tutorial and more. You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Make sure your blog has all the best SEO plugins installed

Need help with that? Consider:




Next, move to:

Step 2.) Familiarize yourself with headline-generating tools

Need resources for that? Consider:




Finally, move to:

Step 3.) Look into where SEO is predicted to move in the coming years… and make it happen

Need resources for that? Consider:




Good stuff!

Your takeaway?

There truly are ways you can increase your site visibility for zero cost…

Why not take advantage of them today?


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