🌠The Spirit of the Kingly Moose Holiday Challenge!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

And for this Christmas, we interrupt this broadcast for the Ling version of the Yule Log. Okay, it only lasts for as long as you read this but hey.

‘Tis a grand read!

(for those of you unaware, my home is figuratively ruled by, and I quote, The Spirit of the Kingly Moose).


Hear ye, hear ye, his Most Royal Majesty will now speak to his adoring fanbase.

“This weekend is a time of great joy and happiness for beeyillions of people worldwide.

If you are having the time of your life, that is most glorious indeed and should be celebrated with copious amounts of your favorite beverage like coffee.

However, beeeeeyons of other people are approaching this time having suffered:

* The loss of a loved one

* The smooshing of a relationship

* The betrayal by a friend

* The loss of a job

* The (fill in with a negative action) of,by a (fill in with something once treasured)


Thus, I, your most Royal Highness, present you with the following challenge.

If you are one of the happy peeps, yay! Take some time to proactively reach out to someone you know who is smooshilated or ickified or beating themselves up or… you know what I mean…

… and do NOT wish them a Happy Holiday, instead, let them know you’re thinking of them.

Perhaps follow up with something you value about them.

That is all. It’s not too much effort. A simple “Hey there, thinking about you, thank you so much for being my friend this past year!”

You simply cannot underestimate the sheer positive emotions such goodwill will generate.

And having done so, you’ll have contributed to the joy and happiness of the holiday season.

When you’re done reading this, think back to what you’ve seen during the past few days/weeks/etc. and who stands out for having experienced the opposite of laughter and glee.

And then simply send the above message to them.

It will take you less than a minute…. but the benefits could mean the difference between someone being sunk in despair this holiday weekend… and someone who chooses to pull themselves up and *out.*

In closing, Happy Holidays to all my worthy subjects – you are truly magnificent and provide rays of sunshine nobody else could duplicate quite like you.


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