$100 Chime offer from Inbox Dollars


I was wondering if anyone here has completed the current offer for Chime bank with Inbox Dollars? I was considering doing it since the reward is so high ($100 cash back if you open an account with Chime and have direct deposit set up), but I've seen several news stories about people being ripped off through Chime and since I would need to deposit my paycheck into the account, rather than only a few dollars like with other offers, I wanted to know if anyone had any experience using this bank? I would love the cash back offer, but in a way, that seems a little too good to be true with a GPT site. Also, if anyone has done this offer, did you actually get your Inbox Dollars reward? I have opened accounts with Stash and Varo and haven't gotten paid for either of them. (The Stash is at least showing up my pending, but Varo isn't even showing up that I completed it.)

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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