$2000 Google Play Balance how to convert to cash?

Hey everyone. I have spotted a scam with google play gift cards. I still can't believe but it happend.

So, I bought 10 gift cards by $200 = $2000 and sent scratched photos to scammer.

But when I understood all this stupid situation past an hour, I wrote to google support and agent said these gift cards is not redeemed yet, so do it on your account immediately. And now I have $2000 on my google play balance.

The only idea how to convert to cash is to create very simple application with $2000 price and buy it by myself. But in this case I will loose 30% because of google fee. So, I will loose $600 and return $1400. Which is much better then to lose $2000.

I know it is possible to pay for YouTube Premium, but I don't want to pay 20 years 🙂

It is possible to pay for Google One, but I don't need 2 TB Cloud storage for 20 years.

And I can buy games in Stadia…. but I don't want any games.

Do you know any other options?

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