A bit anxious about my Coursehero tutor application. Any tips? What if I get rejected? Can I apply again?

I've never done anything like this before, but I'm excited because dollars to Philippine pesos is 50php each so it's a really good side hustle. Just really worried because I feel like they won't accept me but my grades which I've already submitted were good from my first few years of college but on the last ones I had D's and C's mostly because that was a mentally challenging time for me (I had depression). Idk I just really wanna try doing this, because IRL I've done tutoring but I can't do it rn because of COVID-19.

Do u have any tips for answering questions? I'm not confident because I'm not really that smart lmao. What is the average difficulty level of questions? Honestly any form of advice will be appreciated 🙂 Thanks lol

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