Any Fiverr, Upwork alternatives where the competition is not in the same level as Fiverr?

So in a couple of months, probably due to Covid situation I just started to notice that canmot get any more orders, even I'm applying daily and sending all my buyer requests on Fiverr, I cannot get any orders.

The competition from people who offers like $20 for the entire month it's just lame and not fair, it's also crushing the market! I'm Level 1 on Fiverr but struggling as SMM to get any order in the last months! Same situation on UpWork that if you don't have enough connections you can't make progress.

So I was wondering if there are any alternatives like Fiverr and UpWork where I can find a decent amount of orders and changing the situation? For those who will say that I can simple google it, I've already did so but I wanted to ask the community here to find a proper solution. So feel free and please share any alternatives on finding online jobs for SMM.

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