Anyone going through the same experience with Neevo?

I started doing tasks for Neevo (where you record yourself speaking given sentences and earn 0,05€ for each recording) on December 27th and receive my money surprisingly fast (on Dec/31 I received 6,90€ on my PayPal account) but since then I have more than doubled my amount of recordings and even started doing a different task as well (where you listen to other people’s recording and approve it or not for 0,02€ each recording you evaluate) but haven’t received anything! The last and only time I received something was that on Dec/31.

Is there anyone here going through some similar situation with this app?

And since I’m new to all of this what do you recommend me to do? Should I just wait and if I don’t receive my money I write them an email complaining about it?

Thanks a lot, any help is much appreciated 🙂

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