Best Online Freelance Transcription Company – For South Africans

Hi – I live in South Africa and I am currently unemployed due to COVID-19 (I lost my job). During our lockdown I pretty much took it upon myself to find a way to try and make money online and freelance transcription work seemed like the best thing for me. I signed up for Rev and a month and a half later I was approved and I started transcribing. This lasted for two days and then I had my account deactivated over some little mistake. But, I did manage to make $84 in those two days, when exchanged into South African Rands, it was around R1400 (This is a lot of money for two days work and the hours I did!). So now I'm looking for another online freelance transcription company that hires abroad, pays via PayPal for convenience and ideally with and editor that auto generates the audio file. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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