Best time to do online work?

So I have two young daughters (2 and 3). I want to spend as much possible time with them before they start school. My fiancé is the breadwinner in the house but I’d love to contribute more to our finances and savings. What is the best time to do online work, such as mturk, survey sites, etc. I am in Alabama (don’t hold that against me), so central time. Would it be better to dedicate hours throughout the night and early morning to try and get the most possible money, or during the day? I’ve been using mturk and for a couple of years and it seems like the best time is during the day. But just curious as to what you all think? I want to set aside certain times during my day (I function much better with a set schedule), rather than periodically log on and check and stay glued to my phone/computer.

Thank you!

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