Can you tell which job was rejected on Amazon Mechanical Turk? Also, is there a way to report bad surveys?

I only started using Amazon Mechanical Turk a couple of weeks ago. I almost exclusively do the Market Research Surveys from James Billings. Occasionally I will do another survey if I see one that seems worth the time.

I've had three HITs rejected, which brings my approval rate down to 98.81%. I cannot figure out which ones got rejected, and I don't understand why. I can speed read, so it doesn't take me long to read and comprehend the questions that they are asking, but I also take care in choosing my answer or writing out a thoughtful response.

These can be a bit frustrating because there have been several times where they actually had me take an entire 20 minute survey just to say I wasn't the demographic they were looking for and it said "HIT attempt terminated." I wish I could figure out how to report these, since it feels like they are trying to get all of their work done for free. I tried hitting the "Bad Task" button, but it doesn't have an option to explain why I think they cheated me out of a payment.

I imagine these problems are fairly common with market research-type surveys, but if you guys have any advice for mitigating some of the frustration, I'd appreciate it!

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