Canadian thread!

Hello everyone!

I'm sure there are a few Canadian lurkers from Canada. I've checked the FAQs and have been poking around the sites recommended for us Canucks. I'd love to get a consolidated 'refreshed' list of BeerMoney sites with review of how they perform for Canadian users!

Personally, I use Swagbucks for many years, and try to do surveys every/every-other evening for about 1-2 hours. I make about $25/month if I do consistent work.

I'd love to hear experienced on SurveyLion, how long you spend on it, and how much you earn/month. This is cash-payout by cheque from what I hear, but not sure how it compares time-investment-wise.

Just today I downloaded the Optimity app (aka, the new 'Carrot') to earn PetroPoints for walking.

What other survey sites do you use for your Canadian BeerMonday? Let's discuss!

Please no links to sites, as I believe that's against the sub rules 🙂

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