CheckPoints is back! If you’ve never scanned a receipt before, now is the time to do it: 500 point bonus for your first receipt (that’s enough for an Amazon/PayPal GC). If we get to 50K unique receipt scanners by Jan 1, I’ll give every app user 75 points.

Hi everyone! I work on CheckPoints – we're planning to do some awesome things in the next few months (including redesigning the app and improving the core features).

In particular, I want to draw attention to our newest feature: receipt scanning. It's the easiest/fastest way to earn consistent points over the week, but it's the least used by our users.

I know we have some work to do in terms design and ease of use (and redemptions), but if I can prove that enough people still use CheckPoints to save/earn some extra money, then I'll be able to justify committing more resources to making CheckPoints awesome.

To recap:

  1. Download links:
    1. Apple
    2. Google Play
  2. If you've never submitted a receipt before, you can submit one for 500 points (again, enough for a gift card right away). You can submit *any* receipt for this bonus – even if you click 'Regular Receipts' and select a retailer that says "5 pts"; if it's your first receipt submission, you'll get 500 points.
  3. If 50K+ unique users submit receipts by Jan 1, I'll give every CheckPoints user 75 points. I'll post updates here if we start getting close to that goal! Tell your family and friends to get in on the points-a-palooza 🙂

If you any questions about CheckPoints, or suggestions for how we can improve the app, please message me.

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