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I’ve seen many smaller posts but nobody who’s put all the information together so here goes. Do bare in mind this is how I did it, if something isn’t working for you, feel free to change up your method.

  1. Once you’ve set up your account, and connected your Facebook etc. You should find any alliance asap. At this point lucking out and finding a great one is near impossible so see this as a ‘starter’ alliance. One you’re only in temporary.

  2. I’ve seen many people luck out and get to level fifty early on and those who haven’t. However level 40 seemed to be the average. Don’t be too defeated if you don’t meet this, I actually only got to level 37 on the first day.

  3. I don’t really have much advice for those first 40 levels. I focused on completing my own challenges on the bottom. Completing these should give you about 3.5 million and 16 gems. Save these gems. You get several opportunities to spend them on a x5 bonus which is what you’ll want to spend these on.

  4. Once you reach level 25, change alliances. I did so at level 30 and I wish I did it sooner. My way of choosing an alliance at this point was to find one which requires you to be at level 25. But also go through the members to see how many people are online and when. You’ll want to be in one with constantly online members.

  5. Once I reach forty, I decided to save my money to spend at once, rather than spending some and losing most of it. I saved roughly 80 million; it did take about three days for me.

  6. My biggest mistake at that point was betting too high or too low. Also selecting slots that weren’t great.

  7. My advice for betting would be to bet 1% of the total amount of coins you have. This does require babysitting the game. For those bad at maths, I’ve included a calculator: Some people got lucky constantly betting high but I lost the majority of my saved up money by doing so because I got lucky once during this time. So I do not recommend anything but the 1% method.

  8. I highly recommend playing Mystic Moon or Ice Queen. The benefits of each one will be down below. I’ve seen many people recommend Wonderful Wonderland. However, I always had more losses in this slot and do not like to use this one.

  9. For me once I blew through that 80 million, I reached level 53. However, with the slots I played, I ran out of money quicker than when I’ve used the two above slots I’ve mentioned so hopefully for you it’ll get you slightly further.

  10. Also at this point you should try finding another club, this time those with a level 50 requirement, also make sure it’s an active one again. The level 25 club was great and constantly trying their best but weren’t constantly hitting the challenges. This meant not obtaining the 9 million. Decreasing leveling uptime. Hence why I really recommend this.

  11. At level 63 I wasn’t feeling epic, I felt things slowing down. Also, that money was low. At this point, I tried the slot Prime Bucks which got me through the next half. I’m not playing Mystic Moon as much. My general idea at this point is to play Ice Queen and then change it up with a new game every now and then.

  12. I’m currently on Level 64 as of 11/12/2020 at 10:18. I've leveled up four times today I’m determined to finish by the end of the weekend so I’ll add an edit later of how long it took me from Level 64 onwards.

  13. Lastly, I wouldn't bother with the tournaments, it's what caused me most of my money early on. Ignore them. Also after level 60, I'd keep an eye out on the VIP Level and make sure you like every notification you get to obtain more, the increase in VIP level is great but I wouldn't bend over backward to gain a level.

Ways to make coins

-Go onto the Club Vegas Facebook and claim the rewards in each post, keep going further back and claim each one until you no longer can’t. (This is usually a months’ worth of codes valued at 300k each).

-Claim all rewards from your club which daily would give me around 2 million (Disregarding completing club challenges. For me those were 12.6million).

-Also make sure to come on as many times as you can to claim the money from the twenty-minute timer thing on the bottom. Every now and then there was a 2x boost which helps massively or the twenty minutes would be reduced to ten minutes which again helps.

-Free spins. After every fifth collection, you get free spins, if I got more than thirty I would usually spin then and there. However every now and then I’d let my spins collect, in hopes that I obtain several for the same slot.

-Always Face book Share, You could get anything from 100k to 10 million, the most I got was 2 million, the average was 150k

-Click coins daily, as once a day you can collect coins

-Also when you log in you get 200 coins for each friend so whenever you can add a few friends. You can get

-Every day the ads restart. I would collect the twenty-minute coin thing. And you can play an ad, essentially two go’s in one. You can do this a few times which will get you closer to the free spins.

Mystic Moon vs Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Free games triggered often. I was halfway through level 62 with 32,746,443 coins. When I leveled up to 63, I was at 39414144. However, when I was close to level 64 I wasn’t making much, so I decided to play on the Mystic Moon slot and then come back to Ice Queen.

Mystic Moon

Community Pool. A member said "Place your bet then right before the party start drop your bet to the lowest for an epic every time" However, I can't figure it out for the life of me, so if anyone does, feel free to explain below.

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