Could this Respondent gig be a scam? [x-post from r/paidsurveys]

I was finally contacted for my first Respondent gig, but suddenly I'm having second thoughts about this particular ask. Rightfully so, because it involves my rent money:

"Seeking Renters Who Are Open to Being Early App Users

We're Boom, an innovative technology company making rent payments feel as easy as sending a venmo, cash app or paypal transfer.

As part of our test here, we're launching a rent payment app in private beta this month and we are looking for more users to send their actual rent payment via a check that is mailed from our app this month to their landlord and provide feedback on that experience.

The way it would work:

1. We'd send you a link to download the app via Apple's Testflight service (iOS) or Google Expo (Android), depending on your phone.

2. We'd setup a session and over zoom, we'd go through how to send your rent together and you'd go ahead and do so if you're comfortable.

3. Our app will automatically send a check to your landlord on your behalf (your landlord wouldn't even know there was any difference, like a better bank billpay) and you'd be able to track where it is throughout the process and when it arrives.

For context, I am the founder, so you will be working directly with the people who made the app and can answer any and all questions as we go through it. Looking forward to hearing from you on it, and if so, I can send next steps and we can schedule a time over zoom. Thanks in advance!

Note: we never store any personal information and it's bank-level securely encrypted with partner companies like Plaid ($5Bn company purchased by Visa that Venmo, Robinhood, Acorns, Cash App, among almost all other notable financial apps use)."

Sounds reassuring enough, but of course, how can any of this be proven? This whole deal is only for $30, so I probably shouldn't risk it… But if I do go ahead with it, are there any sort of legal protections I have through Respondent if I do get scammed?

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