Coupon Chief Pays for Coupon Codes Commission

I'm not promoting a referral link or anything, you can make some money each month on Coupon Chief submitting Coupon Codes that are both NEW & VALID. The competition is fierce, everyone trying to be the first to enter one. But if you get a valid coupon code and people use it, you make 2% off each sale when they click your code, with a $25 limit per retailer per month.

For instance you can submit up to 3 coupon codes per retailer at a time. For all 3 coupons combined you earn a maximum of $25 per retailer per month. If you submit 3 coupons to say kohls, you earn commission off those until you hit the limit. It's not always easy to find coupons people will use and be a hit, but if you do you can earn $25 per retailer per month, my best month I made approximately $140. It varies a lot, something to do when your bored or receive a new coupon code in your email.

They pay twice monthly by check. Checks are cut the 1st and 15th of each month, you need to request payout the day before otherwise it rolls over.

I don't think there is a minimum cashout. Hope this helps someone.

They also offer cashback rewards shopping, it's a newer feature to me, I believe it's like Rakuten etc. On that part.

You won't get rich there but every bit helps!

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