E-rewards for nectar card holders (Survey dashboard for nectar points)

Good evening,

You may already be doing surveys on nectar canvass (https://www.nectarcanvass.rn-partner.com/index), but I've had an 'offer' pop up on my nectar homepage today for a 'e-rewards' the website looks exactly the same as nectar canvas, but the pay out is considerably higher at current (09/10/2020);

1000 points = 1000 nectar points

2500 points = 2625 nectar points

5000 points = 5500 nectar points

reward rate is 10 points per minute (e.g. 10 minute survey = 100 points)

For comparison a 10 minute survey on nectar canvas usually nets about 40 nectar points.

After your first survey (Even if you're screened out) you'll receive a confirmation e-mail for an additional 250 nectar points if you click the offer on your nectar dashboard.

If you don't have the offer then I can't guarantee the additional 250, but you can sign up here – https://nectar.e-rewards.co.uk/en/index

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