Earned over $850 in Decemeber thanks to this community

I just added up my first month of trying to replicate the success some have had on here. While I've no idea if I'll get as lucky in January 2021, I'm blown away. We had a big roof repair and this money was badly needed. I've learned a lot from the many generous contributions on Beer Money. Here's how I got on (and not sure if Wag counts in the same way, but I included it):

Respondent – 4 projects (76, 95, 190, 28.50)

Dscout – two full missions (money yet to land as just closed) at 75 and 148, and 23 in express missions.

User testing – 40 (4 tests)

Wag walking – 192.1

Total: 867.50

I'd like to try Prolific but I am not willing to meet their new ID demands. I work full-time but was able to work around that on my days off. Thanks wonderful people! I should add I'm US based.

Edit: Doh, Decemeber! Good thing I'm not getting paid to edit.

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