English editing as a side hustle

Just discovered this sub and I have a money-making method that works, but it doesn't get you rich, so I thought maybe it belonged here. I found there's a huge demand for people who can edit English so it's grammatically correct and has at least some semblance of an American writing style. My clientele has included a lot of affluent bilingual/multilingual English learners, some of them in grad school.

I'm involved with a few writing services and spend a lot of time in subreddits like r/writingservice, r/collegepaperpro, r/hireawriter and it's easy to connect with people who are looking for that kind of help. If they like you, they contact you for all their writing tasks in the future. It's how I made a living for most of the past ten years. I'm not the best writer in the world, but there are so many English learners who want help.

Reddit is a perfect place to connect with people, too, because its users tend to have some spending power and they're from all over the world.

It's fun to participate in subs where people get writing help, and give advice, etc., and try to get them to contact you outside of reddit. I offer a "trial" for $10 so they can see how I edit, say, 3-4 paragraphs of their writing. When I feel like it's appropriate to give someone my pitch, I tell them they can send me ANY writing they want me to improve – their LinkedIn bio, a paper they're writing, a presentation, text content on their website, etc.

So… yeah. There's some unsolicited suggestions for you. I'm glad i found this sub. 🙂

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