Free coffee, free Larabars, free White Castle, free food items from grocery stores (FFG is back!)

I shut down FFG in April due to the lockdowns and things going haywire from the pandemic. It's been a crazy six months (if you're curious, I wrote about it on the FFG is Back blog post) but I'm alive and well, and I'm ready to help you all find free food again!

Free Starbucks Triple Shot Coffee (through 10/24) and free Larabar (through 11/11) from Publix

Go to to clip the coupons for each of these. Note that after the expiration dates listed above, they won't appear at that link.

Free Combo Meal from White Castle

Download the Whitecastle app at and join "Craver Nation" to get a free combo meal

Free Food Items from Feel Good Foods

Feel Good Foods makes various snacks like empanadas, pot stickers, egg rolls, and mac & cheese bites that are available for purchase in major grocery stores. Use this coupon to get a free Feel Good Foods item of your choice. The limit is just one coupon per purchase, and the coupon doesn’t expire until April 2021, so you can print out a bunch and use it every time you go to the grocery store!

For more free food

(note I haven't personally verified that these all work the same post-COVID, so YMMV)

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