Free Starbucks, free cookies, free Taco Bell Chalupas, free Chobani yogurt, free chocolate!

Lots of post-Thanksgiving free food to be had!

Free classic cookie from Insomnia through December 7 at 3 AM

Insomnia Cookies is currently offering one free classic cookie in store, as well as with any delivery order. If getting delivery, you can get the delivery fee waived by using the promo code COOKIEYAY. No purchase necessary!

Official announcement

Free Starbucks hot or iced coffee every day through the end of the year for frontline workers

Starbucks is giving away a free tall iced or hot coffee to anyone who meets their definition of frontline worker:

Those eligible for the offer include front-line health care providers and first responders, including: doctors, nurses, public health workers, pharmacists, dispatchers, fire fighters, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement officers, dentists and dental hygienists, mental health workers (therapist, psychologist, social worker, counselor, etc.), hospital staff such as janitor/housekeeping/security, military on active duty, contact tracers, vaccine and pharmaceutical researchers, pilots, flight attendants, TSA, and medical researchers.

Valid at “Starbucks U.S. company-operated locations and select licensed stores”, which means all regular Starbucks locations and I suspect airport and campus locations too. It may not include those integrated into stores like Kroger and Target.

Thank you to everyone in /r/beermoney who is a frontline worker!

Official Announcement

Free Chalupa Cravings Box + Doritos Loco Taco from Taco Bell through 12/15

Taco Bell has a new promotion: people who sign up for a rewards account get a free $5 Chalupa Cravings Box, in addition to the standard free Doritos Locos taco!

Fine print: Promotion will end 12/15 or when 2.9 million Chalupa Cravings Box coupons have been awarded, whichever comes first.

Free Chobani single serve coconut yogurt from Kroger through 12/19

Clip this digital coupon for a free single serve cup of Chobani coconut yogurt from any Kroger. Valid for non-dairy yogurts too! Expires 12/19.

Free chocolate every month from Godiva

Join the Godiva email club, get a free chocolate every month from one of their retail stores.

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