Google User Research – Like Usertesting, but only for Google Products

Google launched their User Research website slightly before the pandemic. The idea was to invite people personally into their offices for user studies on improving their products.

I signed up for this sometime in April and did not receive any work until November. Now they have changed their idea. They have partnered with a user-testing site to perform screen recording studies (similar to Usertesting). The tests are simple and pay well.

I recently worked on one of their study, and it consisted of a series of 10 studies (5-15 minutes each) and was paid Gift Cards worth 5000 INR (70$) for it. Not at all bad.

Payment Proof:

how do i signup for this?

  1. Just go to their website and click on Signup.
  2. You will be asked for your basic details.
  3. You will be then taken through a prolonged survey (will literally take 1-2 hours) regarding your usage of Google Products. You don’t need to complete it in 1 sitting.

There is no account dashboard or anything. You will be directly contacted via email whenever there is work available for you.

what kind of work do i need to do? how do i do it?

It’s a pretty new site, but the idea is similar to Usertesting. They are conducting screen-recording surveys of user experience and trying to improve their products. Think of it as a Google-exclusive Usertesting site.

They have partnered with Validately for screen recordings. This is another Usertesting site I signed up for during April and did not receive a single job from them. The screen recording tool does look very new and unpolished. Hope they change it.

The whole process still feels a little scrambled, as there is no central dashboard to you. You get links through email, along with a participant number that you enter in every survey or form you fill. Maybe the process becomes more streamlined with time.

how and when do i get paid? (plus payment proof)

For the one project I did so far, Google is going with the traditional Gift Card payments. You won’t be paid directly into your bank account, most probably due to tax problems. Instead, they are paying me Flipkart Gift Cards worth 5000 Rs.

Payment happens within a week or two from the date of your project completion. They are still new at this, and it will take some time before their payment process gets streamlined.

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