Halloween Free Food: Free donuts from Krispy Kreme, free dessert from Arby’s

Since I'm guessing fewer of you are trick-or-treating (or stealing your kids trick-or-treating haul), here's a couple free food deals to indulge your sweet tooth today.

Free Halloween Donut from Krispy Kreme

Show up in costume on Halloween and get a free donut! You can also buy a dozen donuts and get another dozen for $1 on Halloween as part of their “Sweet or Treat” promotion.

Official announcement: https://www.krispykreme.com/promos/halloween2020

Free Dessert from Arby's (ends today)

Show this email at checkout and get a free small dessert (cookies, turnover, or 16oz shake) at Arby’s

Other deals ending on Halloween

My last post here had details about a Chipotle BOGO + Amazon $5 credit — both end today.

I may be a bot

I finished a Reddit bot to automatically cross post free food deals from the FFG website to /r/freefoodguy, and it posts through my account! So there should be more free food on Reddit for you to enjoy if you either follow my account, or subscribe to /r/freefoodguy. As always, I will continue to take the best subset of those deals to share here.

For more free food

(note I haven't personally verified that these all work the same post-COVID, so YMMV)

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