Has anyone been able to redeem with Slidejoy recently?

So my story is similar to what many other people have been saying recently, trying to redeem but it's not working…

Last year I got enough to try to redeem when they still had PayPal as an option, got the email to confirm the redemption, clicked on it… then nothing. No carats were taken out, no payment was ever received. Thought maybe they're just having an error so I tried again sometime later, same exact thing. I haven't bothered trying again since they took paypal off as a redemption option. Thought about trying it again for a gift card instead a few times this year but each time I checked the recent reviews they've basically been saying the same thing over and over. Which are variations of not being able to redeem.

So, TL;DR has anyone at all been able to recently get it to work or is it the same for everyone?

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