Has anyone been having strange accessibility issues with Pinecone Research?

I've been a diligent respondent on Pinecone Research for over three years almost to an obsessive degree. I have never missed an invitation and I have always completed them on the day they are sent to me. Pinecone is very dependable and as long as you do a good job and respond to all surveys you are golden.

Until now, I've never had a major issue, only minor things that were quickly resolved. I've always completed survey invitations promptly, have received a load of products to test, and have received payments promptly.

Starting about a week ago, 3 survey invitations have been dead ends. I click the link, and instead of being redirected to basic demographics which always lead into a survey, it skips that and goes to the Pinecone Research page and says my demographics don't match and to wait for another. Three in a row, after 3 YEARS of never seeing that screen. This message isn't true because they don't do that.

I know how this website operates and what normal glitches look like on their website. Pinecone Research has always been reliable and cool about sending surveys that I'll be eligible for. I'm talking 3+ years of getting invitations and completing them without any issue like this, not once. I can't access any surveys. To make it worse they keep sending reminder emails to me, basically as if I'm ignoring the invitations when I am not.

I reached out to support which unfortunately is one of Pinecone Research's weaker aspects. However, they replied and said it is a technical issue that their team is working to solve as soon as possible. I even asked to make sure if my account is alright because I know that missing surveys is detrimental. In this case, I haven't missed anything, I literally can't access the surveys.

I don't know how many of you use Pinecone Research, but I would really appreciate your feedback. The last time this happened was when the website went down for their overhaul 3 months ago. Have you been receiving email invites? Have you been able to complete them, or do you get booted out?

I have done the usual troubleshooting like using a different browser or my phone. Links are broken.

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