Has anyone else experienced this with LEO?

I've been using Leger Opinion Rewards for almost two months now, and I've finally reached 18500 points. Yet this month, the amount of surveys I've recieved has decreased dramatically. I went from 4~7 surveys a week to barely 1 survey per week. In fact, I used to get so many surveys that I'd actually avoid doing them because they were long and I wasn't too invested. I'm sure you know how much I regret that now.

I can't help but think that LEO is purposely doing this so I can't cash out soon. I'm not even 2000 points away from cashing out- for the people who have never used LEO, you can cash out $20 after hitting 20000 points. All I need are two good surveys but I've been waiting for about two weeks now. I understand some people get surveys once a month or so, and it would make sense if that's how it worked for me all along, but that's not true! I cannot understand the sudden change.

More importantly, I asked them to change my email a while ago. I think everything slowed down from that point. Could it be some sort of system mistake? I've gotten just ONE survey after that. Is it possible that it's somehow messed up the redirection of surveys because my account is now connected to a different email?

TLDR: I barely ever get surveys after changing my email on LEO. Is this a situation where they're blocking surveys because I'm close to cashing out or is it the system's fault??

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