How much did you make this year

Before the year ends I’m finna put all my earnings due to beermoney y’all could put yours in da comments

I found beermoney in like October my friend told me about it. THANK GOD 😂

Sep. 2020 (just learned that surveys were legit) QuickThoughts-40 Sep total 40

Oct. 2020 QuickThoughts- 490 Ipoll- 125 Qmee-70 QuicKRewards- 150 SwagBucks-300 InstaGc-100 Oct. Total 1335

Nov.2020 (kinda slowed down was focused on Mturk) QuickThoughts- 230 Ipoll-0 Qmee- QuicKRewards-0 SwagBucks-0 InstaGc-0 Mturk-600 Nov total – 830

Dec 2020 ( made a lot of money already not really focused)

QuickThoughts- 140 Ipoll-0 Qmee-0 QuicKRewards-0 Swagbucks-100 InstaGc-0 Mturk-200

Dec total 340

2020 total- 2455

Comment y’all’s below and ask me questions

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