I devised a system for the Billionaire Casino and Huuuge Casino adgem offers. Game play itself, you don’t have to do anything, $45 payout.

This offer is on both gg2u and swagbucks, under the adgem section. There are two offers which are basically just two reskins of the same game. You have to download the game Billionaire Casino and make it to level 108 for $15 and download the game Huuuge Casino and make it to level 200 for $30. Download the games using the instructions on gg2u / swagbucks and then play the slots, only bet 0.5% of your chips or less. Set it to autospin to play automatically. Once you unlock the slot game Helen of Troy open that game and set it to autospin, again only bet 0.5% of your chips or less. Now you just let the game run until you hit level 108/200. There are also bonuses in the home menu of the game. You don't have to spend any money but if you want to you can buy a few hundred million chips for a dollar just to speed up the process. Happy spinning!

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