Ideas on how to transform store credit into cash?

Hey! My employer gives out rewards for performance in the form of codes for store credit in a specific store they have a partnership with. It's a department store, but not as big as Amazon for example. It's pretty big in Brazil tho.

I could definitely use some extra money this month and I have about $400 in credit there, and I'm trying to figure out a way to make that into cash.

The obvious one would be buying products with credit and reselling them. That's a lot of work and to be able to sell it locally to someone (in like my city's FB group for trading and selling) I would need to buy it first and then sell it to someone. I will resort to this if I don't find other good options.

The website also sells gift cards for Nintendo games, ps store, xbox, Minecraft, league of legends, and a few other games. I can also get codes for Google Play credit, Netflix, and Spotify. Here I could find someone who wants credit on any of those platforms and sell it at a discount. The advantage is that I could do it rather quickly and the disadvantage is that I would lose some money in the process and I am at the risk of the person refunding the payment after they use the code.

Is there any way I could use the google play credit to turn that into cash?

Do you have any other ideas for me?

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