I’m good with Adobe products (Ai, Ps, Pr, Ae) and I’d like to start earning some beermoney. Any tips from experienced designers please?

Details: 29M here, I can design and bulid websites (already made some for friends) and was thinking about starting my own business but in my country (Eastern-Europe) the competition is very high therefore the prices are way too low to worth the effort imo. Would be great to sell the service for 1st world countries with stong currencies, but I'm not sure how to target the market or if I could manage foreign clients by my own.

Long story short, I'd like to hear your opinion or stories about selling at marketplaces like Fiverr, Teespree, etc.. Which site is the best if I have time to learn the tweaks and some money to put in marketing. Any idea how to turn my skills into beermoney? 🙂 Thanks

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