Is anyone here in the 30 day covid19 hivemind study?

I completed it yesterday. I had their app downloaded and its had my phone spazzing out everyday and its very annoying with asking to turn my bluetooth on etc. I did everyday survey except for one which will deduct my payment. Many surveys were actually "expired" they said it wouldn't effect my payment. They took a few hours to a day to reply. I was having technical difficulties in the last few days. They aren't replying to me anymore "leanne and lessi" are their names or something like that. The twitter and facebook links be low don't "don't exist" the payment was supposed to be $55 I'm still waiting. They said payment was upon completion. I completed it then emailed asking when it would be given out. No reply at all. Not for days. What's going on? Is anyone in on this? Any info? Please don't tell me i worked a month for absolutely nothing.

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