Is it bad I use the same email for everything?

So as you can tell by the title I use the same email for everything. Gaming accounts, shopping on best buy, walmart, gamestop and etc. For some background info I'm a teen in highschool and I plan on doing youtube or something along those lines. I have 3 emails technically for gaming and Instagram but I specifically use one main email. I want to start looking for jobs in the future but I don't want people hacking my emails and things of that nature. I've given people my emails and passwords but I've changed the passwords on everything by now. I've recently changed the passwords of my accounts on all apps and am now using two step verification on my apps. However I'm still worried I may be hacked if I give this email to someone like a future boss. So my main question is should I keep doing things how I am or make a completely separate new professional email?

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