Is there an app or plugin for Validately? And a follow up question about Dscout

I've recently signed up for many of the sites promoted here. Validately, Prolific, User Testing, and Dscout to be specific.

The plugin for prolific has allowed me to get involved in a lot of studies as soon as they pop up, but with Validately I can't find anything like that, and even if I click the email the second it pops into my inbox it always says it is full. Just wondering if there is something similar for Validately?

I do pretty well on Prolific and User Testing over the past few weeks I've been on them, but I haven't gotten anything from Dscout. I've heard lots about it being the biggest so I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions or ideas as to why this may be the case? Could it be because I am located in Canada?

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