Is this research study safe?

I recently came across this beer money opportunity. This is a 2-month long research study on probiotics and ibuprofen. You go to the clinic once a week for a total of 8 weeks, rest of the time you take some pills in the morning and then forget about it. I'm conflicted about it. I'm leaning more against not doing it, but on the other hand, money is tight and I don't have a job. Extra money is a good safety net at times like this.

The con: Everything about this study sounds pretty okay except 1 thing: this study requires you to take 800mg of ibuprofen everyday for 6 weeks. Not split either; 800mg in one single dose. The study is to test if probiotic can lessen the side effects of a strong dose of ibuprofen. That sounds horrifying, especially if you get the placebo it means you're basically taking obscene amount of ibuprofen everyday for 2 months. The clinic worker told me the side effects are mild and reversible once stopping, and everything is closely monitored. The most problem in the study so far was someone else in the study having mild nausea and that was it.

The pro is that you get $1,200 for the study. Sounds pretty cool when you just check into the clinic once a week for blood draw(2 small vials) and then they ask you questions, which will take a total of 1 hour.

What are your opinions?would you do it if it were you?

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