Is underpayment on Prolific really an ‘Under-payment’?

Good evening all,

I've got no doubt that you are all part of prolific and I've been recently thinking about whether or not I'm actually being 'Underpaid' for studies paying below £5

My thoughts basically stem from other beermoney sites that offer similar studies/surveys that display a predicted time and reward.

Now I know that prolific strive to pay an hourly rate of £5, but for comparison

I've seen many of surveys (That are less engaging and more boring than studies on prolific offering on average around 30p for 10 minutes.)

That would mean an hourly rate of £1.80.

Qmee for example, I've just checked my dashboard and seen the following;

13 mins – 47p (This would equal £2.16 per hour)

5 mins – 7p (This would equal 84p per hour)

20 mins – 37p (This would equal £1.11 per hour)

23 mins – 28p (This would equal 73p per hour)

7 mins – 13p (This would equal £1.11 per hour)

14 mins – 26p (This would equal £1.11 per hour)

I'm interested to know your thoughts and whether you think we may be too harsh on researchers (Scientific or market) on prolific for 'Under-paying'? Or do you think that sites like Qmee should be paying way more for their surveys?

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