[Journey] I’m shooting for 1k a month in 2021 to pay all my ongoing cost – Kickoff and first real month

Hi everyone, I used to be a regular here (I ran r/tumblrmoney which a lot of you guys liked), but then Tumblr stopped allowing adult content and for a couple years I pretty much only worked corporate, experimenting and dabbling in various methods in the meantime but nothing really amounted to much.

Only in the past few months have I gotten more serious about earning side cash again and now I am starting on a journey to finance at least my ongoing costs, rent and food with my own money.

I just signed a contract termination with severance pay so from next March onward I'll be out of a job and ideally I'll be able to pay for my ongoing cost (about 1k) until then so that I don't have to touch any of my savings.

I want to achieve that through a lot of writing and programming mostly – and I'm doing pretty okay with 800-900 this month which is only my second month of serious brain power being poured into side cash again.

Of course I added my own site to the mix of possible income streams, but I can also read the sidebar where it says no blogs so my idea is to post my monthly updates on what I'm doing here on r/beermoney as well.

So to give you an idea of what these posts would look like here is my month of octobrr in numbers and efforts:

Total: 826$ (and counting with about a week left of the month)

This number is, well I'm not gonna lie I'm a bit amazed this is all working out. But as you'll see my two main sources for that income are either unstable (Medium writing) or I already quit them for taking up too much of my time (3D render art).

So next month I'll be losing out on an immediate 400$, but if things go according to plan I'll add a 200-400$ freelance writing gig to the mix – but that still needs time setting things up as I'm going through the application process right now.

3D rendering: 400$ flat

For three months now I made some pretty solid side cash by assembling and rendering 3D artwork for a popular visual novel project – of the unsavory kind. As with Tumblr this is where the real money is in 3D – naked pixels paid my rent this month.

It can be fun, but this gig quickly spiraled out of control and took up plenty of hours that I could have spent either relaxing or building my own thing – which I might at some point. "all" you need for a gig like that is a decently powerful computer and about two or three months of understanding how DAZ3D works – that's the software that everyone's using.

There is some serious cash circulating in this realm of adult visual novels – and you may be like me and not even know of that niche at all. There is also money to be made still in rule34 animations, but that is a fair amount of work as well and even powerful computers still take a long time to render even a ten-second animation. I dabble in animation and even made a hundred bucks last month, but I'll only get back into this once the RTX3080s become available which make my renders about five or six times faster compared to my current card.

If you were interested in this field and needed an entrypoint I would recommend you check out f95zone which is the largest gathering place for the community.

Medium writing: 426$ (and counting)

Medium is…something. It's fun, quirky, pays really nicely if you manage to hit the nerve and write a killer article – and it's also it's entirely own world that needs deep-diving and understanding of concepts you thought you already understood by heart.

I have been writing on Medium since May I think, I had two months where I earned over 1k each (wowza) and then earnings dribbled down to where I "only" made 200$ last month.

This month looked to be par for the course where I calculated slightly increased 230-250$ – and then yesterday I woke up to a semi-viral post that ended up having hundreds of notifications, currently sits at 20k total views (12k of those already paid with about 236$, earnings lag one day behind the total views).

Freelance writing: Still being set up (but promising)

Since I have been a programmer for eight years now and love both tinkering and writing I always loved the idea to work for a programming related site – and there are several posts on Medium that link sites paying tech writers so I started applying to those.

In a rare case of luck the site I find the most interesting already responded to my application and I'm currently going through their application and onboarding process. If / once this plays out it could supply me with a pretty sizable income month over month – finding the work and applying for it easily takes the most time in freelance writing so an ongoing gig is kind of like a dream come true.

If you wanted an entryway here take a look at this Github repo: github.com/malgamves/CommunityWriterPrograms

Honorable mention: My own site with 12 cents

Up until two days ago I didn't know exactly whether my contract termination would actually pull through so I did hold a bit back on my website because it wouldn't really make sense to write about self-made financial freedom while there was still a chance I would stay safely employed. That would be kind of moot, now with everything settled I can start working on the site for real.

However since my Medium account also links my website I have seen some early traffic to the couple posts I've written so far after that one post took off. It's just about 70 people yesterday off of 12k who read the post – but that is still a great proof of concept that everything works, the site is set up and there is at least some interest – obviously the hope is to turn that whole site into a solid revenue stream of its own.

Summary: I hope some of you find this journey interesting, if so I'll update you monthly on my progress, successes and failures while I navigate the maze of online money making myself.

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