Listerine – Earn $5 when you complete the 21 Day Challenge

Listerine is currently partnering with Fandango to offer a 21 day challenge. In order to qualify, you must make a purchase of Listerine in-store or online between 1/1/21 and 2/26/21, submit your receipt, and then check in with the website regularly. The offer runs for another 47 days, so there is plenty of time to get your reward. This offer is limited to US residents only who are age 18 or older. Rewards are limited to 1 per household.

Despite the name, you only need to check in 20 days if you do it twice per day to receive the reward since uploading your receipt gives you 2 points. The main page says that you need to check in twice per day for 21 days consecutively to complete the challenge, but this wording does not appear in their terms. I'm not sure if there is a point penalty for missing a day. Since there is a reward for only 28 points, it leads me to believe there won't be a point penalty.


There is also $1 cash back on Listerine on Ibotta, a $1 printable coupon at (print with Swagbucks for an extra $0.25 cash back), and $1.50 on Care Club. A 1L bottle of Listerine at my local Wal-Mart costs $5.37, so this comes to a total of free + $3.38 money maker when you complete the challenge.


Reward Options:       Limit: One per household

  • 28 points = $3 FandangoNOW Promo Code (expires on 4/30/21)

  • 28 points = $3 Visa Digital Rewards Virtual Account*

  • 42 points = $5 Visa Rewards Virtual Account*

*Visa cards must be activated by 3/20/21 and used within 1 month of activation.



  1. Make a purchase of a participating Listerine product in-store or online between 1/1/21 and 2/26/21.

  2. Create an account here. They ask you for your name, address, email, and a password. The accounts are tied to each promotion, so you will need a new account if you haven't made one for this specific promotion already.

  3. Upload the photo of your purchase showing the qualified item. If you purchased the item in-store, make sure to put a star beside the line showing the listerine, or highlight it or something. Their rules say to put a star, but I prefer to highlight it on the computer after I take a photo.

  4. Wait for them to approve your purchase.

  5. Start checking in to earn points! Uploading your receipt earns you 2 points. You earn 1 point per check in, and you can check in up to two times per day.

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