Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays $25($5×5) Giveaway

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone. It has been an overall shitty year for many/most people but we hope all of you are still able to make the most of whatever you can/have to have some kind of positivity in your life.

Giving away $25(5x$5) to 5 users. Default is Amazon USD but if you're outside the US and prefer $5 worth of either BCH/BTC/ETH/LTC cryptos, we can do that as well. There are sites where you can buy giftcards from many countries with cryptocurrency.

REQUIREMENTS: Comment which beermoney site in the Common Beermoney Sites sticky you have had the most success with or is your favorite. Positive comments only please, not the place or time for negativity or complaints. Giveaway is open to all accounts created before today, even if you've never commented on /r/beermoney before. You might get a warning or your comment temp removed but don't worry, it will still count.

Giveaway will end in a few days most likely or when it falls off the front page, not gonna sticky it.

Wishing all of you guys the best of luck in everything you do and we hope you stay safe.

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