Mistplay: Is it legit? Review.

Mistplay is an app where you get "payed" to play games. Currently i did cash out 1 card. (ITunes) and so i would say its legit. But, theres some flaws and loose holes. Mistplay making "units" is hard, so I make about 3-15 units per day. Or an average of 19 units a day, because sometimes i get lucky enough to get extra units. Though the 2nd flaw is that you don't have any bonus or extra events to play like scratch tickets, or this or thats. Though there is a exception that there are weekly contests. But moving on to the LAST flaw. Weekly contests are a way to test your luck and make a few extra units on the way.
But still, it's a WEEKLY contest. It's like a 1/1400 raffle. Though if you won at least once, good for you. Don't rub it in my face. So in my opinion, its a hard 4/5 rating.

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