Mturk uni study scammers?

So I was doing a study supposedly from a uni. It was supposed to take 3 minutes according to the title. During the study halfway through was a video that I could not interact with that lasted 5 minutes. I watch the video complete the study and go to submit the hit and I got hit with a whamo. The hit could not be submitted because time ran out.

The video really had nothing at all to do with the study. There were no questions about the video. It was just randomly in the study no questions were asked about the video. Was the purpose of the video to get free study participants? I was REALLY upset more than I should be as I feel like I was scammed. I feel like the only reason they put a video in the study was to get free workers and game the system.

BTW in hit finder, it was all green. Even though there were no reviews of the study,

It is okay in the long run. I worked hard all day yesterday and made 15.00 on Mturk and another 10.00 on Prolific. Not GOOD but it is better than I have been and shows me even as a new player in the field if I work hard I can achieve my dream of a decent living off of working at home. Goal – 100.00 a day.

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