MyPoints and InboxDollars accounts got deactivated. Possible conflict by having Swagbucks account?

So my accounts in both MyPoints and InboxDollars have been deactivated in the past few days.

I originally started out with an account in Swagbucks, then started using MyPoints, then InboxDollars when MyPoints account got deactivated. I recently found out that all 3 sites are owned by Prodege, and I wondered if using one IP address for all 3 sites are not allowed.

I mainly did my dailies and watch passive ncrave videos on Swagbucks and Mypoints. When MyPoints account got deactivated, I started using InboxDollars doing similar dailies and watching passive ncrave videos until today when it got deactivated.

Tickets sent to MyPoints said my account was not in compliance due to account irregularities, what ever that means, very vague. Sent ticket to InboxDollars today, awaiting reply but not hoping for much.

I haven't used ALL 3 sites at once, just two at a time.

Swagbucks account so far hasn't been deactivated, thankfully.

Anyone else experience something similar to this? Does anyone know if it's because I'm watching passive ncrave videos on multiple sites?

I ask because I saw a few posts here saying that having both Swagbucks and MyPoints/InboxDollars account was okay, even watching passive videos concurrently on those sites. I'm wondering if there's anything I did wrong that I don't get. I do use VPN, but I make sure that Microsoft Edge browser that I was using for these sites, including the sites themselves, were bypassing VPN. I'm in the US.

Any insights and answers would be appreciated, thanks all.

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