OneForma UHRS issues

I recently started doing UHRS work through OneForma and I have encountered nothing but technical difficulties.

In every HitApp, every answer that I submit gets labeled as something completely different, causing me to fail qualification tests.

For example, if I select "medium", the popup tells me that I selected "adult" and that the correct answer is "medium" even though I already selected that. Or it tells me that I didn't select anything. And this problem persists on all HitApps that I have tried, across multiple browsers.

I have done UHRS work before through Clickworker and I have never encountered this problem.

I have reported those issues directly from the HitApps via the "report a technical issue" and I have also contacted OneForma and have provided them with screenshots of those glitches but they weren't of any help.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has had any similar issues.

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