Pinecone getting rid of PayPal is a pain

I might be doing something wrong, but the new service they use for cashing out 'transferred' the money to the Venmo direct deposit that I gave them, and… nothing. It's been days. I never got a confirmation email from Wallet, and the money never showed up in Venmo. I gave them the account and routing # that I had listed under direct deposit in Venmo, and Wallet said it had confirmed it as a legitimate account. I've filled out a help desk ticket, but I haven't heard back yet. I wasn't comfortable giving a third party company my bank account details, so I thought this was a decent compromise. Hopefully they'll get back to me with some information soon.

I just wish Pinecone hadn't gotten rid of the PayPal option. It was so easy! What possessed them to waste time going through a whole other company? They still have to follow up on the purchase with a PIN to redeem on Wallet, so it doesn't seem like it is saving them that much time or effort.

Anyway, here's hoping that money shows up eventually! It wasn't loads, but I was looking forward to the beer money. If this doesn't sort itself out, I guess I'll have to settle for Amazon gift cards from Pinecone.

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