Pinecone Research direct deposit questions

Hello everyone. I'm hoping some of you here still remember Pinecone Research. I love it, they are one of my favorites and they've been great to me. Sadly, they removed Paypal some time ago. I am lost on how to use their direct deposit (their FAQ offers little information). I would really appreciate easy step by step instructions on how to set up and regularly use direct deposit.

I have a large balance that I want to withdraw. It seems like I'm not able to do a custom direct deposit amount, only a $10 option. Doing them individually is going to be a pain. What site does Pinecone use to handle the direct deposits? Where do I actually go to add my banking information?

Is it alright to do a $10 withdrawal and do like 10 of them at once? How would that work? I read about needing a PIN code for every withdrawal. I wish that wasn't necessary.

Is there an option for a check if I wanted to go that route?

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