Pinecone Research – Help Please!

Hey guys. So I’ve been saving my points in Pinecone for while however I noticed I hadn’t gotten a survey in a few weeks, so out of concern I may lose the points I redeemed them for a “UK Bank Transfer”.

It was 3,300 points which is equivalent to £33.00, which is a fair amount. Anyway, I redeemed it for 3x £10 bank transfers and 1x £3 bank transfer.

Fast forward a day and… nothing. I wasn’t expecting immediate transfer, but they’ve not asked for any information on where to even send the money, they have sent a confirmation email but besides that – nothing.

Any ideas what I should do, should I contact support or leave it a few more days? My main concern is that the fact they didn’t ask for my bank details and I don’t remember ever filling them in previously on the site so I’m not sure where that money would even be going.

Any help would be great please as I am mildly concerned.

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