PLEASE HELP: Cloud Workers Paperwork

Cloud workers send me a lot of paperwork through email after I apply for work. Going through the paperwork they want all sorts of information such as bank account number, location, zip code, town, full name, street name, and house number (my home address), etc etc. They also want me to sign stuff. When I already give them all that info they want me to hand sign some doc and skype them holding my proof of age.

Is this safe to give out just like that cause I'm very suspicious Maybe it's because I never experience having to deal with money and banks. And another thing I don't have a bank account card yet due to lockdown so I will have to use my mom's bank card.

Also, how do they pay? I heard it's 10 pounds for every message sent. Will the exchange rate work in my favor?? Cause that 10 pounds are over $1000 in the country I reside in.

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